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CSR and PR events

Bank of Baku starts “Let’s not forget” project in order to propogate not forgetting our beloved, values, culture and history.

This project developed jointly by Bank of Baku and 994 Production will compose of series of videos. Each video will be devoted to the subject that is not to be forgotten and will be uploaded to our official youtube channel and made accessible for users through social networks.

The first video was devoted to our soldiers and their efforts. In the video, “Soldier’s march” is sung by the employees of our bank and 994 Production. Main message of the video is to show our pride in soldiers who protect our motherland at the expense of their lives. 

The second video was devoted to our mothers. In the video, the Poem “Mother’s gift” by Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh is read by the employees of our bank and 994 Production 2. Main message of the video is to show our love to our mothers on the very day, who hide their care about their children in the wrinkles of their faces. 

The project will continue. We will share videos on above mentioned subjects with you.

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